Kështu dukej Afganistani në vitet 1960 (FOTO)

Në këtë kohë që po jetojmë nëse përmendim Afganistanin, atëherë menjëherë do na shkojë ndërmend që aty është një vend ku bëhet luftë tash e disa vjet.

Por Afganistani nuk ka qenë gjithmonë kështu, transmeton Klan Kosova.

Në vitet 1960, ky shtet ishte duke u modernizuar dhe duke ecur drejtë Perëndimit.

Më poshtë mund ta shihni një koleksion të fotografive të viteve 1960 ku mund të kuptoni se si ishte jeta në Afganistan gjatë viteve 1960.

But many people also wore nice western clothes in the 60s, too.

Afghanistan had a modern military thanks to reforms by King Amanullah Khan in the 1920s.

A new car drives through a freshly-built mountain tunnel ...

... and another stops at a gas station.

Girls and boys in western-style universities and schools were encouraged to talk to each other freely.

Newly-paved streets were flooded with new cars.

There was also a Girl and Boy Scouts of Afghanistan.

The country was undergoing a process of modernisation ...

... but much of Afghan culture retained its traditional dress and style. Even in Kabul, the bazaars remained the same as they had in earlier decades.

Here's a more traditional stall ...

... and a typical street scene.

Following World War II — which Afghanistan managed to stay out of — the Soviets and Americans competed for rights to build Afghan roadways.

Unlike today, roads in 1960s Afghanistan were well-kept and generally free of wear and tear.

Kids grew up in a safe environment, free of extremist influence, compared to today.

The villages didn't look too much different back then ...

... although new construction was everywhere.

Signs of prosperity dotted the urban landscape, showing off the country's upper class.

The group of American schools in Afghanistan shows just how stable the country was once considered.